Schooling Service


Ocean has a professional overseas team, most of whom have overseas study background.They have a good understanding of the global education system, entrance examination and study abroad policies, etc.According to the situation of different immigrant families, we can provide high-quality school choice application for overseas study, and connect with local language schools, so that children can better play their own source power.

  • Greek education

    As the cradle of European civilization, Greece has made profound achievements in philosophy, history, architecture, science, literature, drama, sculpture and many other aspects, laying the foundation for modern education all over the world.The children of immigrants to Greece and investors can enjoy 12 years of free public school education, or they can choose to study in a famous international school. The school offers IB international high school courses, and they have more opportunities to study in a world-famous university.

  • Turkish education

    In terms of education, Turkey is well developed and rich in institutions and resources.The level of higher education is relatively high. Most excellent universities have implemented English teaching and run their schools according to western models and standards.At the same time, the Turkish government attaches great importance to education, providing compulsory education for children from 6 to 14 years old, and free primary and secondary schools.There are about 820 educational institutions of all kinds, including universities.Among them, there are about 85 universities, including Istanbul University, Straits University, Bilken University and so on.State universities charge really minuscule and recognise China's College Entrance Examination scores.

  • Spanish education

    Spain is famous for its rich educational resources in Europe. Its public education is free, and there are many international schools, among which 15% are among the world's top 500. Spain is a golden springboard to European and American world famous universities, and its tuition is only 1/3 to 1/2 of that in China.Spain has a world-renowned business administration program. Among the top 10 business schools in the world, three are in Spain (IESE/IE/ESADE).