NEWTIMES Global Sojourn Business Linkage


NEWTIMES hotel-style apartment aims to establish a global smart hotel brand with the product scope in hotel-style apartments, steward apartments, and villas, etc. . At present, the NEWTIMES brand has covered Greece, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, France, and Cambodia. The project in Greece is in the 14th phase. Leveraged by the trend of global property possess, investment and holiday stay, we are making great efforts to build a world famous brand in the field of hotel-style apartment investment. Meanwhile, our customers can enjoy 15 days free stay in NEWTIMES properties as per year under the global linkage service policy.

Global Strategic Layout


Taking advantage of global travel trend, we have selected high return investment projects to create more value for our customers. The strategic layout will get gradually expanded with up to 100 NEWTIMES hotel apartments covering more than 50 countries in Europe, America, Asia and so on. It can be a preferred overseas investment brand shining in the world.

World Cities Optimization Seize Core Resources


With thoughtfully consideration of the locations, NEWTIMES hotel-style apartments are placed in the optimized global famous cities, seizing the core resources and combining the building style with culture deposits to forge the unique brand connotation. Possessing the valuable assets all around the world, the apartments provide excellent living services to "global residents" and can be redeemed as a good choice for overseas investment.
希腊 / 西班牙 / 柬埔寨 / 土耳其 / 葡萄牙 / 法国 / 比利时 / 意大利

Delicate House Decoration Intelligent Home System


NEWTIMES knows well about the life taste of international elites and holiday crowd. In selected city core area, abiding by the top decoration standard, we scheme households with multiple subjects and study each technology and procedure to build world-class products from the angles of Material Science, Physics, Aesthetics, Design Science, etc.. All ready homes are furnished in hardcover and casted ingeniously in details. Additionally, NEWTIMES also introduces a series of international advanced whole-house smart technologies, including intelligent lighting, air conditioning and curtain systems, to provide our customers with pleasant smart holiday stay.

Rental Income 15 Days Free Stay All Around The World as Per Year


NEWTIMES Hotel-style apartment becomes the first choice for overseas migration and property investment because of its global strategic development layout and its chain operation model. The Normalized standard and all-around professional services will ensure customers benefit from holiday economy while trustee-shipping the property.
NEWTIMES provides charter services,which is the prioritized choice for the overseas property investment with confidently high rental income and property appreciation dividend obtained.
Customers can enjoy 15 days free stay in the NEW TIMES hotel apartments all around the world with a successful purchase of any type of the apartments.

High Level Services A Professional Service Team


NEWTIMES hotel-style apartment has plenty of highly qualified staff. The management board is formed by the staff with overseas study or living experience as well as with bachelor’s degree or higher. Meanwhile, rooting in domestic market, we commit ourselves to provide investors with all-round high-level specialized services on the basis of professional operation experience and multi-channel industry resources integration competence.